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The "Wooly Village" shows actual lambing tents which are used to protect newborn lambs from the cold, wet weather during their first critical hours.
Wooly Village
Wooly Village
Over the years, many shepherds have moved their sheep from pasture to pasture, practicing pasture rotation prior to it being "discovered" by government employees. To make their nomadic life easier, the Shepherd's Wagons became a part of the "tools of the trade"......indeed the real "mobile home"! You can relive a part of this history by spending a night or two in our authentic shepherds wagon - dubbed the "Wooly Wagon" due to the movie Wooly Boys which was filmed in and around Medora ND.

A bathroom (with a sink, stool, and shower) is located in the same yard as the wagons

Twin size wagon $28/night
Double bed wagons $40/night